Anything alcoholic will do.

Lesson Eight

For today's lesson, two more drinking quotes. 

Have you noticed that while mainstream movies are overall getting more crass and less sophisticated they are also developing a strange and horrible prissiness when it comes to drinking and smoking?  Sure, show torture and carnage for a couple of hours, but God forbid somebody lights up a tobacco product (other smokables still seem to be in favor) or mixes a proper cocktail.  Since Tootsie is accessible from the way, way back machine, we can see characters who inhale without reprimand and when they drink are trusted to get a cab or walk "because it's cheaper to get mugged" (that's Sandy's line, and it might well be on the final exam).  So let's raise a glass to this immortal film and proceed.

Line:  Anything alcoholic will do. 

Context:  John, the venerable Dr. Brewster on Southwest General, has followed Dorothy home and sings up to her window until she relents and permits him to come up.  There he asks for a drink, "Anything alcoholic will do." 

Usage:  daily.

The Halston.
You'll spill wine all over it.

Next line:  "You'll spill wine all over it." 

Context:  End of the movie where Michael waits for Julie when she exits the studio.  He asks for another chance, makes his case, gives her that weird intense glare, and she asks, "Can I borrow that little yellow outfit?"

Michael:  Which one?
Julie:  The Halston.
Michael:  Oh, no.  You'll ruin it.
Julie:  Michael!
Michael:  You'll spill wine all over it. 

The line is muffled and the Amazing Amy & I only interpreted it with the help of subtitles, but we agree it rocks.  Not only does it involve Julie in a halfway decent joke, which is rare enough, it reminds the audience that she drinks A LOT.  Seriously, next time you watch the movie note how often her scenes are cluttered with bottles (see Lesson Two).  But what's great about Michael's response is his character takes a swipe at her habit.  That he doesn't instinctively grovel to her and will in fact engage her in repartee speaks well of their future relationship, does it not? 

Usage:  Anytime I ask to borrow anything of yours. I'm sure you'll find other occasions as well. 

Lesson Nine: “I don’t take this shit from friends, only from lovers.”

Lesson Seven:  Mixing it up.

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