ed. note: When in Volume 8 of my humble newsletter I offered a simple yet tasteful Summer Drink Recipe, how could I have predicted the outrage and controversy which erupted? Read on....

Slushy Surprise

For a tasty and refreshing summer treat take yourself and your refillable 44oz. cup to the nearest Circle K, put about two inches of Coke Slushy in the bottome of said cup, followed by about two inches of Minute Maid Wild Cherry Slushy, then fill to the top with Dr Pepper. Mmmm! (From Vol. 8)

Vodka Refresher

The following Cookin' with Cobra recipe, "Vodka Refresher," is brought to us by renowned gourmand Scott Rowley, with the following remark about last month's entry:

"I think your refreshing summer treat sounds revolting. How about 3 scoops of ice cream, sliced strawberries, raspberries, peaches, and a cup of vodka?"

I imagined it was some sort of float until he explained the fruit should be marinated in the vodka overnight, and that different types of fruit could be used according to the season. Anyway, it sound much more plausible than the other recipe he sent which called for a "springform pan," an "electric mixer with paddle attachment," "nutmeg," and get this--"firm plums as soft onew will prevent the custard filling from setting properly." (Snort.)

In the contentious spirit of Volume 9 (and because he snickered at my jury duty summons), I forwarded the e-mail which contained this recipe to Scott's Bishop and to his ward's Relief Society President. Bon appetite! (From Vol. 9)

Super Smoothies

Renowned gourmand Scott Rowley's recipe "Vodka Refresher" from vol. 9 contained an inaccuracy. Apparently the thing is supposed to be blended like a shake. In my own defence, there was no mention of this blending until well after the distribution of the edition in which the recipe was contained. If I had know about this blending, I probably would have rejected the recipe as too high tech. But now I'm thinking that it or some variation could be a marketing bonanza. Can you imagine? Vodka Smoothies. Frothy, high potency potables served in those brightly colored, environmentally friendly biodegradable Styrofoam cups from which so many motorists innocently sip whist speeding down the road. You know, a lot of those Zuka type beverages are halfway there as it is, served as they are with wheat germ and grass. Even better, a lot of those concoctions pass themselves off as breakfast. Can you imagine a better way to begin the day than with a tast, liquor laden frozen yogurt treat with a cute name? Maybe a Zombie Zippy? A Lushy Slushy? A Ginger Snap? You get the idea, now one of you start the franchise. Put "Cobra" in the name and "Nose" on the news stand and I'll hardly charge you at all for the idea. (From Vol. 10)

Written by Sharon C. McGovern