The first and most important thing is to remember never to use AAA Cab. This has nothing to do with my original topic, but I just had a most unfruitful conversation with Mohammet Eghbali, supervisor in the Phoenix branch of that blighted organization, during which I was finally informed that I was wrong to have called for a cab only a half hour before it was needed, foolish to have expected the cab to arrive anywhere close to that time, insane to have believed any of the three "two to five minute" ETAs I received from his dispatchers, mistaken in recalling that I offered to give directions to our building, supercilious to be bent out of shape at having been disconnected three times and left on hold for a continuous stretch of over ten minutes, and once again simply wrong to think that the cab's eventual arrival over fifty minutes late was anything but exemplary service deserving of praise not censure. You see, a half hour ago I didn't know any of that, so maybe I really do owe Mr. Eghbali a debt of gratitude! Nah. I spit on their taxis and recommend you do no less.

So anyway, it's getting hot in Arizona, hot as in damn hot. The lizards I used to see dart and scurry around the offices of the Cosmodemonic Telegraph Company of North America now mosey and amble. About a week ago, I got a surprise call from Garrett Wilson. Hi, Garrett! He told me it snowed that morning in Salt Lake. (He also told me that Chad and the General Manager from the Hilton were handcuffed and marched to the poky for embezzlement...anybody have details on this?) I told him it had been cooling off in our Valley, too--all the way down to the mid 90s. Whereupon he took the Lord's name in vain and threatened to hang up the phone.

We've had none of those brisk days lately, alas, which brings me to The Parasol. When my lovely author-cousin Evelyn was visiting, we discussed the parasol and discovered we were both very much in favor of its revival. Think it over! A parasol provides portable shade to keep you cool and pale (perhaps not as important to you as it is to us), and will do it without giving you hat head. What more could you want come July?

So join us now and encourage others to as well. As Arlo Guthrie said, one person doing something unusual looks crazy, two looks gay (that's where we are now), three looks like an organization, but fifty is a movement.

Come on, everybody! Let's start a movement!

(Written by Sharon C. McGovern)

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