This photo was taken by a woman in Southern Minnesota on Christmas Eve, 1968. The ghostly appendage also reportedly appeared the previous Christmas. You can't tell in this reproduction, but the TV is supposedly unplugged.

Sorry, but I don't have any data on these photos. I stole them from here.
This photograph was taken by Grant Wilson in the living room of his house in Yeadon, North Leeds, England. The TV is allegedly switched off. For more information, click here.
See the face behind the man behind bars? It wasn't in the broadcast. The photographer did not wish to be identified, but the author of Utah's Premiere Ghost Web Site vouches for him/her.
I realize the Virgin Mary is not, technically, a ghost. But in Zeitun, Egypt in 1968, she started making public appearances which were captured on television and that more than qualifies her for inclusion on this page. The image to the right is a digitally enhanced negative of a photograph of a contemporary TV broadcast. She was also seen in appearances that would last between a few minutes to a few hours by over a million people--Christian, Muslim--including Egyptian presidentAbdul Nasser, an avowed Marxist. For more information on this phenomenon, please click HERE.
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