It was the evening of Sheila and Dave's rehearsal dinner. I know, I know, you're saying, "An Arredondo family function? Certainly you along with the rest of your family were drinking up to the usual standard." It's a hard rep to hide from. However, this particular night was very tame; we didn't want to ruin our potential for the wedding day. I had maybe two glasses of wine, MAX! That was about nine years ago and at a point in my life where my tolerance for alcohol was pretty impressive. In other words I was not drunk nor even buzzed that night. Sadly, I have found it necessary to clarify this point in order to give my sighting more credibility to those who were not there.

I know he was there. I looked up straight into his eyes and he looked right back at me. To this day I am sure of what I saw and the passing of time has given me a single shred of doubt. As I mentioned, it was the evening of the rehearsal dinner which was held at A Pointe in Tyme restaurant at the Pointe South Mountain resort. To more easily keep a watchful eye over her clan, Mom decided to book rooms for all of us at the resort. After dinner it was late enough to call it a night so we went to our room. Ron, Kerrie, Treves and I were sharing one. Usual bed prep and we were asleep within an hour.

I don't know what time it was or why I woke up, but I did and looked straight into the eyes of someone. I figured I was seeing things so I closed my eyes and reopened them and saw the same picture. I was beginning to shake a little and even as I write this now I can feel butterflies in my stomach. I just stared a little while and blinked hard to clear my eyes occasionally but he was still there. I say "he" because he looked to be a male Native American, older with head dress and all. He was beautiful.

I was determined to convince myself that he must have been some kind of optical illusion, so I reached for him and he backed away! I realized there was definitely someone in the room and that is when I began to freak out.

I began shaking uncontrollably and told Ron to wake up because someone was in the room. He told me to go back to sleep, but realized that the situation was more serious than he thought when he felt the bed trembling. I asked him if he saw the man and he said no but he would turn the light on if I wanted him to. Kerrie and Treves were just mumbling and telling me to be quiet. The lights came on, there was no Indian Man. I was kind of sad.

Everyone else was satisfied that all was well and went back to sleep. I couldn't-not because I was scared, I wasn't anymore. I began to feel badly for the way I had reacted. I laid there and kicked myself for being so rude. I didn't even give the guy a chance to try to let me know why he was there and looking at me. I guess I just wasn't prepared for such an occasion. Until then, the notion of being prepared hadn't struck me. As for the other people in the room, they are all pretty sure I saw something. I'm not sure that they believe it was a spirit, or specter, ghost or anything of the like. I AM.

I really, really, really look forward to a second chance. I hope the first didn't completely blow it for me and that there will be a second. I certainly feel more prepared.

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