One time Bill and I were canoeing on a lake in New Jersey, and we went into this little cove were no one could see us from shore. All of a sudden our canoe stopped in the water dead and we could not move it at all. Then it started going around in a circle and rocking hard back and forth. Water started to flow over the edge…and then it stopped again and the boat would not move for about three minutes. Then we lurched forward about 100 yards like the boat had a motor. Then it just let go, whatever it was. We rowed out of there fast and never returned to that lake. It was wild; it was a man made lake and should not have had anything in it, especially not anything big enough to do that to a boat.

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Champ, of Lake Champlain

Nessie, of Loch Ness, Scotland (1972)

Nessie again, underwater photo taken in 1972 during the Rines Expidition

Last pic of Nessie, taken by Anthony Shiels from Urquhart Castle on May 21,1977

Guanajuato, Mexico on September 6, 1958

Somewhere in the Amazon...

...somewhere in South Africa...

...and somewhere on the Australian coast.

Strange remains found by the Japanese fishing boat Zuiyo-Maru off the coast of New Zealand
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