I like the new Prince album - The Rainbow Children. Reason why - it funktifies my soul, it's funk-a-licious, it gets out even the toughest of funk. Prince is always putting something new out there with every album. If you compare Purple Rain to Sign O' The Times, or The Black Album to Lovesexy, the inexperienced Prince listener would not suspect these albums to be coming from the same genius.

That's right, I said genius. What Prince does isn't simply musical talent, it's pure genius. He is constantly taking the risk to explore his wide range of musical capabilities. He rides that edge of musical insanity and pushes out creation after creation. His fans lap it up. With his new album - The Rainbow Children, Prince gives us jazz and 90 minutes of church service (could be used in place of visiting your church or synagogue). If church isn't your bag, you can easily get past all of the preaching and eerie super low synthesized voice that Prince likes to use to preach the good word (it usually just comes out sounding like Satan), the music is fantastic. The Rainbow Children is one part James Brown, two parts Miles Davis, mix well, fold in Quincy Jones and bake at 350 for 90 minutes. If this sounds tasty to you, go right now and pick it up.

Written by Rebecca "I Have Prince's Purple Embroidered Hand Towel" Peterson
(That's her to the right--I swear.)

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