A Magi Mushroom

One night in bed I did partake
Of freshly frosted baked cupcake
Which my lady made for me

It was adorned with chocolate sprinkle
And through this, an odd time wrinkle-
A death was I made to see

One life lived at once as two
And each the other never knew
As they passed the days away

Then the twain lines of life did meet
Like an intersection on the street
And all was as clear as day

I laid there for a moment--fazed--
Staring at my cupcake glazed
When my fiancÚ breached the void:

"Why is that look upon your face
As if you're in some other place?"
Transparently she was annoyed.

So I told to her my wacky tale
Sadly though to no avail
Because no sense did I make.

Now make of this then what you will
Sharing my view, to a kill
As it applied to my cupcake.

One sensed the other's dying time
Through senses before quite sublime
But now making themselves known
Like when you place your ear to wood
And knock upon it pretty good
You feel the percussive tone