I've been watching Sex and the City on HBO faithfully this season. It is a terrible show, terrible. The characters are gossipy, abrasive, and mean, the plots lurid and contrived, and the clothes…okay, some of the outfits are tres stylish but a good percentage are just silly. Still, I cannot get enough of it. I've even had an idea about writing a Sex and the City knockoff in The Cobra's Nose, though it would be the shortest and most laughable column in the newsletter. Which, come to think of it, are two excellent points in its favor.

I ran the idea past Pat. When he finished snickering, he said, "Well, you and Carrie [the lead character] both write about your lives and give the men nicknames." That hadn't occurred to me, but by gum it's true.

Me and the Gals

So I started looking for other parallels, and surprisingly, found them. For instance, we both have naturally curly hair and a lingering fascination with Chris Noth. We both recently had occasion to feel superior to haughty types who used the wrong form of "there" in written communications to/ about us. Ha! And last night in an episode called, "No Ifs, Ands or Butts" (actually referring to cigarette and not human butts this time), Carrie started dating Aidan, played by John Corbett (Chris the dj from Northern Exposure), whom I always thought was cute (yes, I know about the rainbow banners outside his bar in Seattle). In fact, Carrie stopped smoking for him. Pat snarled that that would never last, and who wants to be around a woman going through nicotine withdrawal, anyway? and I said it's amazing what nonsense guys will believe when it comes out of the mouth of a cute girl and Pat said what's that supposed to mean and will you get a load of the belly on Corbett? and I had to acknowledge he was wearing a lot of big, flowing shirts, but thought Pat's "man boobies" remark when he saw Aidan in a bubble bath with Carrie was way over the line.

Then the spookiest thing happened.

Carrie started writing her column about "relationship deal breakers." Hmmm…that sounds familiar…I wonder what it could be…oh, yeah! I WROTE IT! Really!! In Volume 12 of The Cobra's Nose, as a matter of fact. It's even archived on my web site, www.geocities.com/cobrasnose go there and see.

Okay, so the articles aren't exactly the same. Carrie's was about Charlotte (far left in the picture) firing a potential boyfriend who assaulted her chin with his tongue, Miranda (far right) learning to be supportive of her crude freaky boyfriend yuck, Samantha (next to Miranda) learning the power of a sister's input into her boyfriend's relationships (which brought no end of guffaws from Pat), and all that Carrie stuff about dating the cute boy and quitting smoking, while mine was about…well you just go and see.

And I will bask in the glow of knowing that I scooped Sex in the City.

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Chris Stevens/Aiden (top)
Mike Logan/ Mr. Big (below)