Last night, I watched a very special episode of "Roger Ebert & the Movies," in which that Happy Fool of movie reviewing and genuine master Martin Scorsese named their favorite films of the 90s. The highlight of the program was when Scorsese named The Thin Red Line the second best of the decade, and the HF struggled to pretend he liked and understood it when it is clear from his original review that neither was remotely true.

10. Groundhog Day

9. Exotica

Anyway, if he gets to make a list, so do I. I can't promise it wouldn't change with one more viewing of Dead Man, say, but here it is and I don't think any of you would loathe more than sixty percent of them.

(Written by Sharon C. McGovern)

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8. London Kills Me
6. Un Coeur en Hiver

7. Barcelona

5. Defending Your Life

4. Heavenly Creatures

3. (tie) Goodfellas and...
...The Age of Innocence
2. Batman Returns

1. The Thin Red Line
That's okay, I don't approve of your Top Ten list either. --Cobra