A show I loved before I got sick to death of it is Blind Date. For those of you who never succumbed to Blind Date fever, it spikes its premise of arranging a blind date and following the couple around for an evening by inserting subtitles, thought bubbles, cartoons, and other commentary by the producers when the proceedings are broadcast. It's all good fun for a while, and frankly, it's hard to tire of the ridicule of beautiful dopes. Eventually, however, I began to wish the pool of Blind Date candidates would dry up, or wise up (which would have the same effect). Seeing a dozen or more women per week who described themselves as "loud," "sarcastic," and "a bitch" get rejected because, well, they were loud, sarcastic, and bitchy was almost as rewarding as seeing at least as many guys who described themselves as "obnoxious" and "players" kissed off because they were insufferable sluts. Perhaps in some undocumented moment, these assholes detected a connection between their attributes and actions and their being dateless losers (as I have in my own life), but Blind Date never aired such a payoff. That could be why my favorite movies this year were about characters with intractable, though relatively minor, flaws that became major problems for which they had to pay and pay and pay.

Cast Away
The House of Mirth
Mulholland Dr.
Ghost World
AI: Artificial Intelligence
Angel Eyes

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