Mostly Gratuitious Inclusion of a picture of Jim Caviezel

There are Some Secrets...

I understand the principles behind certain secrets, and appreciate why not every body has to have access to every thing. The research done at Los Alamos is a good example, and for some reason I can't help thinking that ignorance of Michael Landon's bed wetting history could have gone on indefinitely will no ill effects. I think this is different than healthy candor, along the lines of, "Yes, I watched Ed because I'd heard that Jim Caviezel was in it, but I swear I turned it off when he was cut from the team after the chimp joined." Actually, it's good to get that off my chest. But the logic behind the Fort Knox security that surrounds the creamer and sugar where I work is beyond me.

I don't know exactly how many of you work with the coffee dependant, but an absence of creamer and/or sugar in their lives is of seismic significance. I'm one of the first to arrive in my building, so I always get to the creamer and sugar with no problem. But when we run out, I get to observe what their lack does to my co-workers. Early in the day when there are not so many of them around, they wander the halls moaning like specters. As the morning wears on, they find each other and move in packs, and ask each passerby with more insistence where they can find creamer and sugar. I know of a small cache of these items in the kitchen and have a stash of my own, but when these are depleted the only other source is under lock and key. Yes--imprisoned like dangerous criminals. And deterrent theories work no better in this case--people do not want them or use them less because they are difficult to get. In fact, the abundance and accessibility of these items is a notion positively cherished around here, and I can't imagine any of our caffeine zombies giving it up just because it isn't true.

I'm not a political type of person and I know in my heart that I won't do anything to bring to pass the liberation of the creamer and sugar, other than wish wish wish it were so. But when I was told I had to find a better hiding place for my stash because the secret was evidently out, I was bewildered. I don't work in a high security area. In fact, people pretty much ransack my desk whenever they have a mind to, though they have negotiate a layer of toys and trash to do so. And if people beg me for creamer and sugar, I will continue to just point at the appropriate drawer and go back to reading USAToday on the internet. I just think that there is some information that needs to be free.

(Written by Sharon C. McGovern)

From Vol. 5
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