I've got my stars.

Lesson Five

Now for today's lesson, which can be used as an insider ice breaker to other Tootsie fans and to
indicate a world of weak flirtation. 

Line:  I've got my stars. 

Context:  Julie has left Dorothy and her father together on the porch swing at twilight. 

Dorothy:  I wonder if we're going to get any stars out of the sky tonight?
Les:  I've got my stars.  You and Julie. 

Usage:  Though Dorothy's line is the one to use in a pause in conversation or in the presence of stars figurative or literal, the response is essential.  Not only is it a lame-o joke, but Les follows up even after Dorothy laughs politely, indicating (first) that she got the joke and (second) that she is ready to move on dot org.  And yet, he persists.  Gawd.  Dorothy is polite; as Michael, he may have kicked Les’s arrogant ass.  (Yes, that’s a near quote!  Bravo!)  Think I’m kidding?  Check this.  

Lesson Six: "Try to think of them as something friendly--like a firing squad."

Lesson Four:  “I'm really very up.”

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